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Surface Modelling to Support Advanced Higher Graphics

Producing complex, curvy form is often much more successful if you take a Surface Modelling approach. Surfaces are controlled by lines so they can be much more editable giving more flowing, softer curves than you might get with solid modelling. Add a whole new set of skills to your repertoire, get comfortable with surface modelling.

Each exercise is supported by a video tutorial that will introduce the new skill clearly and walk you through the process a step at a time. Sometimes, there will be a file to download which will allow you to focus on the new skill meaning you don’t always have to start from scratch.

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Exercises Include

  • 1 - Overview of Lofting With Rails
  • 2 - Introduction to Surface Tools
  • 3 - Trimming SurfacesPlay Preview
  • 4 - Surface Caps
  • 5 - The Boundary Patch Tool
  • 6 - Swept and Lofted Surfaces
  • 7 - Derived Work Surfaces
  • 8 - Using Solid Primitives
  • 9 - Combined Skills Exercise

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Preview: 3 - Trimming Surfaces