Audacity is a free audio editing program, used in schools across the UK and beyond. It allows you to easily and quickly record audio from a microphone or other source, and edit that audio using a number of techniques.
This free series of videos takes you through the process of downloading and installing Audacity, learning it's interface and preferences, importing, generating, recording and editing audio and exporting the finished results. It is designed for use in schools using a Windows operating system, and sets out to cover the most important aspects of the use of the software in a quick and easy-to-follow way.
Spotlight on Skills
15 lessons
The exercises in this section will be slightly longer and will introduce new tools, skills and concepts with each new task that you undertake. You can either work through them in the given order or go straight to one that looks like it can solve a specific problem for you or simply just catches your interest. Each exercise is supported by a video tutorial which will illustrate the task and walk you through it's completion.