There are very few programs around which are better than 3ds Max when it comes to taking your models and producing high end renderings of your work.

Starting from a point of opening up the software for the first time, this section of the website will lead students through a carefully structured, increasingly complex series of activities which they will tackle at a pace which suits them.

Introductory Series
10 lessons
Working from a starting point of showing you how to start the software, the videos on this page will walk you through a carefully structured series of exercises which will give you an excellent grounding in the basics.
Spotlight on Skills
26 lessons
The exercises in this section will be slightly longer and will introduce new tools, skills and concepts with each new task that you undertake. You can either work through them in the given order or go straight to one that looks like it can solve a specific problem for you or simply just catches your interest. Each exercise is supported by a video tutorial which will illustrate the task and walk you through it's completion.
3 Minute Hot Tips
8 lessons
All high-end software titles such as those we are dealing with here at 3DMadeEasy, have hidden functionality or some hidden features. These would typically take you a long time to find out about. View these short videos to pick up some new information about each tool.
Some Neat Tricks
12 lessons
There are a variety of skills and short cuts here which will allow you to work quicker and more effectively. In no particular order, they are provided for you here to view and improve how you work.
FAQ Video Vault
0 lessons
Subscribers to this site are invited to ask for advice in solving various problems they have come up against in their modeling. Feel free to watch any video responses which are much more conversational in tone, to see if you can pick up anything useful. Why not ask a question via email if you have an issue that isn't covered here. CAUTION - by their nature these videos go into a lot of detail and, as a result, end up pretty lengthy. If you have the patience, there are plenty of gems of information to be picked up.