Online Inservice Courses - Always Available

There can be a number of reasons why this is your preferred method of inservice delivery...

  • Travelling to our venues is not an option
  • You want to train your whole Department together
  • You prefer to work on your own machines
  • You don't want restricted to 9.30 to 3.30
  • You want to brush up your skills or get a refresher
  • Covering for absent teachers is difficult
  • You need the training NOW!

So how does it work? Easy, you simply...

  • Decide which course you want to learn
  • Decide how long you need the access for
  • Decide how many people you need it for
  • Let us know and that's it

What courses are currently available online?

An Introduction to Autodesk Inventor

See this as your absolute introduction to Inventor starting right down at the level "how do I open my first file?". The sessions then go on to give you a sound overview of all the basic modelling skills plus how to produce customised orthographic views and how to produce rendered images.

Intermediate Level Autodesk Inventor

Having passed the point where you a familiar with the basics such as making parts with simple form, you may be looking to add a level of complexity. This course will show you a wider range of modelling tools, introduce a few more assembly constraints and various other time and effort saving techniques.

Surface Modelling to Support Advanced Higher Graphics

Producing complex, curvy form is often much more successful if you take a Surface Modelling approach. Surfaces are controlled by lines so they can be much more editable giving more flowing, softer curves than you might get with solid modelling. Add a whole new set of skills to your repertoire, get comfortable with surface modelling.